It is with sadness and regret that I write to inform the league that Wodson Park FC 1st team is withdrawing from the league with immediate effect.

We have found it increasingly difficult to find and keep managers and our last one resigned two weeks ago and there then followed an exodus of players which has left us struggling to put out sides. Financially it has been difficult to make ends meet and we can’t see that changing despite our best endeavours.

Following various recent meeting over the past two weeks where we looked at everything short and long term we took the decision to fold the adult male section of the club last night. There was a lot of soul searching but at the end of the day we could only come to this decision.

Personally, for me this has been one of the hardest decisions to make having invested so much time and energy into the past however many years.


Lastly thank you to everyone at the league who have provided us with the opportunity to compete of the past seasons.



Lee Cook

Wodson Park Chairman